Case Study: Channel Nine Newsroom

Case Study: Channel Nine Newsroom

The selection of our bespoke tube system for the Channel Nine Newsroom was driven by the desire for a feature tube ceiling solution with seamless service integration.

The architects and builders of the project, aimed to create practical and creative spaces with news at the core of the design. The Newsroom Studio became the perfect canvas for our system’s installation, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal that aligned with the project’s vision.

Installing the system in the Newsroom Studio presented unique challenges, particularly with the need for a radial feature ceiling that integrated with services. Our team were able to provide system design and set out services, ensuring that the radial design was achieved without compromising service integration.

The tube system was designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose, meeting the architect's vision while ensuring the practical needs of the space were met.

The decision to choose our system was rooted in our design capabilities and lead time. Our system not only offered the required functionality but also provided a solution that aligned perfectly with the architect’s design intent. The ability to customise and adapt the system to suit the unique radial aesthetic set us apart. Additionally, our quick lead time ensured that the project stayed on schedule, meeting the client’s timeline needs efficiently.

This project exemplifies our commitment to innovative design solutions and customer satisfaction. By providing a feature tube ceiling solution with seamless service integration, we contributed to the creation of a practical yet creative space at the heart of Channel Nine’s Newsroom.