Case Study: Wynyard Station

Case Study: Wynyard Station

The Wynyard Station transit hall project was a grand endeavour that required a solution as impressive as its scale.
The client’s choice of our metal panel ceiling system was driven by the need for large format panels to enhance the expansive open area space of the transit hall. This choice laid the foundation for a visually striking and practical design that would define the station’s new George Street entry.

The goals for the project were multi-faceted, focusing on aesthetics, service integration, concealed grid design, and acoustics.

The large panels not only contributed to the grandeur of the space but also facilitated the integration of recessed lighting around the perimeter above the panels. The concealed grid ensured a seamless and clean appearance, while perforated panels helped with acoustics, ensuring a pleasant environment for commuters.

Installed at the George Street entry to Wynyard Station, the system added a touch of sophistication and functionality to the grand transit hall and public concourse. Challenges were met with innovative solutions, particularly in engineering large panels to avoid deflection or sagging. Our project team and designers developed bespoke system designs to accommodate the structural requirements and layout, ensuring the design intent was preserved.

Anodising large panels presented its own challenges, as fewer panels could fit into the bath at a time. However, detailed planning ensured that deadlines were met without compromise. Additionally, the development of bespoke slotted, square perforations was a flawless process, showcasing our factory’s ability to adapt to new patterns once drawings were approved.
The decision to choose our system stemmed from our reputation for quality and experience in handling large-scale infrastructure projects.

Notably, our design capabilities, especially for large format panels reaching approximately 2.4m x 1.1m, were essential in meeting the project’s design requirements.

The Wynyard Station transit hall now stands as a world-class facility, serving as a grand front door for Sydney’s commuters. As part of the iconic Brookfield Place Sydney development, the transit hall, public concourse, and George Street entrance have been intricately woven together to enable clear wayfinding for rail commuters and pedestrians. This project represents a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and innovation, showcasing our commitment to excellence in large-scale infrastructure projects.