Case Study: Deloitte Fit Out at Quay Quarter Tower

Case Study: Deloitte Fit Out at Quay Quarter Tower

The Deloitte Fit Out at Quay Quarter Tower marked a significant transformation with our Enterprise 320 system. The client’s decision to choose our system was born out of necessity.

Due to the specified manufacturer unable to meet lead time promises, the client reached out to us to propose an alternative. This led to us designing, manufacturing, and delivering the product within the client’s tight lead time and budget constraints.

The Enterprise 320 system was the perfect fit for this, offering not just acoustic performance but also integrated service channels for streamlined functionality. This system was installed across all 84 meeting rooms spread across 8 floors, providing a consistent and efficient solution throughout the space.

The primary goal was to provide a high acoustic performing tile with service channels, vital for a productive and efficient workspace.

With the need to deliver a design solution within a short lead time, our team successfully developed a bespoke ceiling solution tailored to the specific layout of the meeting rooms. Additionally, we manufactured a new die for the service channel, ensuring seamless integration and efficient delivery of materials within the 8-week timeframe.

Our strong ties with the architect, builder, and distributor played a pivotal role in this selection. These relationships, built on trust and reliability, ensured a smooth process from design to installation, setting us apart in terms of quality and service offerings.

Noteworthy is the project’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The Deloitte Fit Out at 50 Bridge Street achieved a 5 Star Green Star – Interiors accreditation, demonstrating a dedication to sustainable workplace design.

This project not only contributed to Deloitte’s new Sydney home at Quay Quarter Tower but also showcased a shift away from traditional workplace design. The Enterprise 320 system played a crucial role in this transformation, providing a high-performance, versatile, and sustainable solution that aligns with modern workspace needs.