Case Study: Findon Technical College

Case Study: Findon Technical College

Findon Technical College in South Australia is a new development that required innovative solutions that were easy to install and could be supplied within a tight timeframe.

The client’s choice of our products was driven by these needs, alongside the requirement for solutions that could adapt to different void depths across the college.

The project was divided into two distinct design solutions: three areas utilised our standard ceiling system Enterprise 220, while two areas required a bespoke ceiling system, incorporating a combination of our systems including Enterprise 220, Enterprise 310, and Enterprise 400.

The primary goal was a seamless integration with a plasterboard ceiling directly above the staff touchdown areas.

Our systems were strategically used throughout the college: the reception, heat and eat, and collaboration spaces benefited from the Enterprise 220 system, known for its easy to install and efficient design. Additionally, two staff touchdown areas were supplied with bespoke ceiling systems, which our in-house design team developed that utilised three of our standard ceiling systems combined into a suspension system suitable for the layout and void depth. This approach ensured that the design intent was preserved while meeting the functional needs of the college.

The decision to choose our products over alternatives was based on the ability to provide tailored solutions that met both design and architectural requirements. Our systems not only provided the necessary functionality but also offered a quick lead time, necessary for the project’s timeline. Additionally, our in-house design capabilities ensured that challenges were met with innovative solutions and expert advice.

The Findon Technical College project stands as an example of our commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions for educational spaces.
Through a combination of standard and bespoke systems, the college’s spaces were transformed into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments encouraging to learning and collaboration.